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Pony Canyon strives to be a one-of-a-kind company that fosters the creativity of individuals and promotes diversity to continue shaping new values.

Guidelines for Actions

Let's live CUTEly


Creative  work with  User first , polish your   Talent, and   Enjoy!

Five Basics of CUTE

  • Pursue
    love for entertainment
  • Stay curious
  • Enjoy communication
  • Cherish playfulness
  • Do it to the finish

President's Message

President & C.O.O. Takashi Yoshimura
President & C.O.O. Takashi Yoshimura

For over fifth years since the founding of our company in 1966, we have planned, created, and produced a huge array of content related to music, anime, film, and concert events, to name just a few, and through cherishing the relationships we have created, we continue to deliver entertainment for the enjoyment of people everywhere.

However, the global pandemic has had an unforeseen impact on the entertainment industry, leading to a great shift toward users accessing entertainment of all kinds through the internet.
In anticipation of these developments, we have been bolstering our digital entertainment section since long before, and increasing our digital literacy in order to meet the needs of an Internet-using society, not only in content itself, but also in promotion and e-commerce.

2019 saw the opening of our "harevutai" live space in the newly redeveloped area of downtown Ikebukuro. In addition to in-person concerts and events, this theater is uniquely equipped with state-of-the-art video technology and equipment to make online streaming of events and performances possible, making it ideally suited not just to music, but a wide variety of usages, from theatrical plays to business training meetings and every purpose in between, earning the venue acclaim from far and wide.

In addition, we are using our knowledge accumulated in the music, anime, and film sectors to form collaborative business ties with local communities across the country, and are now partnering with governments on both the municipal prefectural and the national level. We hope to contribute to society to the utmost of our ability, through entertainment.

We are pleased to announce our new company slogan.

This slogan reflects our desire to forge a new future for our company in which our entertainment is enjoyed across the world, and to be prepared to meet the global challenges that this future will bring.
The times we all live in are changing more drastically than we ever imagined, at an often frightening pace. So, too, is the environment in which this occurs full of upheaval. We know it is vital for our company to anticipate this future with all possible haste, and to promote new strategies and changes moving forward on not only a domestic, but also global stage. To make this a reality, your cooperation, your support, and your wisdom are vital to us.

In our ever-changing world, "what's best today won't be best tomorrow."

Bearing this always in mind, we hope to continue to be a company that swiftly addresses and continuously improves on any flaws that may be discovered, and keeping the meaning of this slogan at the forefront of whatever we do, it is our sincere wish that together with your aid, we will use the medium of entertainment as a pathway to a brighter, better future.

President & C.O.O.Takashi Yoshimura

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