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Music Business Division

With a focus on Japanese and Asian artists, we are a core developer of the comprehensive music business for music and music video digital content and package software design, artist management, fan club management, concert planning, merchandise production, and more.We handle a wide range of genres such as pop, rock, idol music, hip hop, kayokyoku, K-pop, jazz, and soundtracks.

Animation & Visual Business Division

Animation Business

We are engaged in the diverse aspects of each individual work including the planning, production and management of packaged software, digital contents, books, events, and merchandise, along with fan club planning. These are based on the planning and co-production of television and theatrical anime.Additionally, we proactively engage in activities such as music production for singers and voice actors, international and domestic concert festival production, and merchandise production, and are cohesively developing our anime-related entertainment business.

Visual Business

We produce as well as invest and partake in local video content of all genres, such as film, dramas, variety shows, theater, sports, virtual YouTuber projects, cultural and children's programs. Furthermore, we purchase foreign films and dramas from Europe, America, and Asia. We also engage in a wide variety of businesses, including but not limited to the theater release, packaging, streaming, broadcasting, global expansion, YouTube channels and promotion of video content.

Music Marketing Division

Our company is responsible for music streaming to all global platforms, as well as digital and physical marketing strategies for artists, and we use fandom strategies in addition to media promotion.

Animation & Visual Marketing Division

With our accumulated know-how and marketing activities, we distribute all content in the animation and video genres to global platforms for video streaming, sell to domestic TV stations, distribute to theaters and for live viewing, and sell under license to overseas licensees.
We also sell packaged products such as CDs/BDs/DVDs and books in the animation and video genres to a variety of specialty stores, bookstores nationwide and e-commerce sites.

LIVE & e-commerce Solution Division

We sell merchandise with exclusive original bonus items on online shops such as “CANIME” and “MOVIECAN” . Our other activities include selling tickets through an electronic ticketing application, holding events for purchasers and reservation holders of products, and accepting pre-orders for products sold at concert venues and selling additional products after the events has ended. We also have a worldwide online shop called “PONYCANYON SHOP” for our overseas customers, where various merchandise is sold.

For live events, we do planning, production, and management of around 500 events a year for J-POP, anime, voice actors, and utaite artists. We are a one-stop shop for all operations related to live events, regardless of size or format, including ticket sales, ticket PR and sponsorship, as well as merchandise planning, production, and sales.

Corporate Strategy Division

Live Performance Theater

"harevutai" is a live venue space in Ikebukuro's new landmark, Hareza Ikebukuro. We have a theme of "To have the best stage in life’s biggest moment" and want it to be a venue where we can produce many artists looking for a bright future. The venue is just a 5-minute walk from Ikebukuro Station and can hold up to 500 people. In addition to having the latest equipment for sound and lighting as well as a giant 4K-compatible, 1.9mm pixel pitch HD LED screen, we have a translucent screen that makes CG live performances possible for VTubers and other artists. We also have high-spec streaming equipment, making live streaming possible worldwide. This is a futuristic live venue featuring the latest technology. Not only is it optimal for music concerts, it can be used for screenings, premieres, live reading events, e-sports, movies, new product reveals, as well as shooting programs for dramas, comedy, and auditions. From entertainment to business, our venue can be used in a variety of ways.


We possess the video streaming equipment to enable online streaming at our company. Our studios are the base for releasing information to people around the globe. We have a mastering studio with high-resolution hardware set up inside our company, which has allowed us to produce a variety of content. In Yoyogi Shibuya and Shibako-en, we also own a recording studio where we've created a number of hit titles.

Area Alliance Department

Regional Revitalization, Regional Branding

Our Business Concept Is to “Make Local Communities and Japan Stronger, with The Power of Entertainment”.

Utilizing our content planning and promotion know-how on entertainment such as music, anime, film, events, and publication, as well as our diverse network and alliances and high-quality in-house resources, we widely promote regional revitalization in alliance with the government (ministries), local corporations and communities. We advise and support local regions with tourism, city promotion, migration or permanent settlement, branding, and consulting from an entertainment perspective.

Legal Division

As our back office, our Legal Division oversees the contracting and legal operations of not only our business divisions, but the entire company including our Corporate Strategy Division. Other than reviewing and arranging contracts, this division administers disputes and claim prevention, such as advising countermeasures against legal actions. They also manage intellectual property rights and handle registration processes. Through these operations, this division works to maximize company profits as well as minimize company risks or damages.

Human Resources & General Affairs Division

Internal Audit Office/Secretarial Office

People are a key resource in running a company, so we provide services related to human resources, such as recruitment, placement, and training, as well as services related to the environment, such as office, health, and labor management. We maintain an institution and environment where our employees can comfortably work in, which leads to our company running smoothly as well as the improvement of our company's profits because of our people.

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